Create interactive courses with professional art
without programming or drawing


Overhead Projector

EAD Builder is surely the easiest tool you have ever used. When creating your course, you choose a scenario, drag characters and objects like chairs and tables, and add your content into text boxes.

At every moment you can see how your course is getting by clicking "Preview."


Above all, the EAD Builder is fun to use. Apart from all its practicality and performance, the interface is friendly and inviting.

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Just a few seconds so you can start creating your courses within the EAD Builder.

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Upgrade your courses with beautiful backgrounds that include meeting rooms , corporate settings and templates for presenting textual content.

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EAD Builder provided a library of characters of various personalities and different styles, ready to give that highlighted to your courses.

And if you like to ride their own characters does not matter: you can add them to your library and continue to use the same resources.

Character Variations
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Needing to create a particular scene? EAD Builder has several objects to enrich the scenes of your courses.

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Creation with Objects

If you want to use personal pictures just upload your files and add them to the scene like any other object. You can use your own characters, objects related to the topic of the lesson and even company logos.

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Add dialogues, background music and effects to acclimatise your scene. Let your students more engaged with the content.

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With EAD Builder you can put your characters to tell a story, involving the student and attracting his attention.

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You do not need to install anything to use the EAD Builder. You access it by your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile browser.

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Acquiring the PRO license, you can export your courses in SCORM. With it, you can import it into your distance education platform.

Desktop, Tablet and Mobile browser
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