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Beautiful library!

EAD Builder has a plenty of characters, objects and scenarios ready to use.

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Simple and intuitive

Position your characters and other objects using the mouse.

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Create your courses through your browser. No downloads needed. No hassle.

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Now it is much easier to create your online courses. You do not need to use complex programming or design tools. Simply choose your scenario, drag your characters and start putting together their stories in a few minutes. It is easy even for those who have never created learning content in digital media.

EAD Builder uses HTML5. This does not mean that you need to know to use it, but you will also have full support for mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android Smartphones without any additional work. Experienced users will also like to create HTML5 eLearning Content without to write a single line of code.


EAD Builder has great features for e-Learning. Even with no technical knowledge you can have professional results with ease. With EAD Builder you have fun teaching.
Fabiano Paes Director of Expansion - OWP Education
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